Course Syllabus

Ch. 1

Life Planning in Retirement

Many of today’s retirees like the idea of living for today and perhaps not being the “richest person in the graveyard”. That’s a very different mindset and it separates today’s retirees from past generations. Historically, you won if you had the most money - nowadays it's much more about having a wonderful life. It's not surprising that nowadays many retirees prefer their unique vision of a retirement plan over their parent’s retirement plan.

Ch. 2

Expenses & Inflation

A new financial planning approach can offer opportunities for retirees. With opportunities come new additional responsibilities. Since people are tending to retire earlier and live longer, these responsibilities are more important than ever before. You'll get a very good idea of how to estimate your inflows/ outflow, offset for long term inflation, and identify your personal financial glide path.

Ch. 3

Cashflow Management

A detailed understanding of cashflow is one of the most disliked and neglected aspects of a personal financial plan. It just so happens an accurate idea of cashflow is almost always critical to understanding the sustainability and likelihood of financial success. Cashflow is truly where the “rubber meets the road” or where your financial future meets today’s balance sheet. Why is it that so many people are unable to retire when planned or end up transitioning to poverty when they retire? Far too often inefficient Cashflow and Cash Management have played a major role.

Ch. 4

Types of Retirement Accounts

There are many different places to save money. An understanding of their various differences will help you understand how to best coordinate their benefits and offset their weaknesses. There is not one vehicle that can do it all and it's important to understand all pros and cons.

Ch. 5


Guarantees are often hard to come by but are an essential piece of virtually every retirement plan. Guarantees offer non-correlated and consistent income often needed for basic and essential expenses. One could argue it also provides peace of mind (or a permission slip) to maximize other assets which may be subject to risk. At the end of the day its a personal choice as to where that balance will be.

Ch. 6

Retirement Distributions

You will make very important and consequential distribution decisions leading up to your retirement. In many cases, these decisions cannot be changed later. Sometimes timing can also play a role. You'll learn how to strike the right balance between your guarantees and your appreciating assets. You'll also understand how the rules change once you retire. In retirement, it's now not about appreciation, its about income.

Ch. 7


A comprehensive and coordinated investment strategy is critical to your financial health. Just like a balanced diet, your investments may include a wide range of asset classes and even consider split-half correlations. In many cases, clients are faced to consider following or breaking from investment planning practices. Topics include Cash/risk-free assets, various bonds, stock, mutual funds, ETFs, individually managed accounts, employee stock options, among other concepts. We'll also cover investment risks and portfolio risk management strategies.

Ch 8

Risk Management & Insurance

Leading up to retirement, most retirees have accumulated the largest amount of wealth they’ve had their entire lives. A significant financial loss right before or into retirement can have dramatic and lasting effects on a retirement plan and your legacy. It also may prevent you from spending your money in the early years. While in many cases insurance may ultimately NOT be needed or wanted, a gameplan (such as for Long Term Care) is still required. Although not the most pleasant topic, simply ignoring high-risk situations are usually very expensive.

Ch 9

Estate Planning

Estate planning is personal, but many never consider the impact that proper estate planning can have on families (good and bad). While some cases are more complicated than others, most do not want to leave the family with the burden of dealing with an improper estate plan. Changing laws, delays, lack of liquidity, probate fees, estate tax inefficiency and planning for incapacity are all very important considerations you will have to make. We'll discuss the topics to make your final impression on family a great one.

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