Advice Harbor™ for Employees

Audience and Lecturer

For businesses of 10 or more likely attendees, we are available to teach on-site at your business location. Please contact us for scheduling and more detailed information.

Generally, the cost of teaching our 2-part course on-site is the same as our planning fee rate. Currently $2500.


Our core value is offering an objective learning environment free from financial solicitation. Advisors are never given “prequalifying” information about their attendees and are not associated, incentivized, or paid by the employer’s 401K plan or other company benefits program sponsors. We do this by design in order to maximize the financial planning experience and objectivity.


Our methodology has been identified as a distinct qualitative preference by our clients. Learn more about our Methodology. Our core principles are that everyone is equal (and in general everyone pays the same for their financial education and plan).

Small businesses of 10 employees or less should attend one of our formal college courses.